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About Coders' Club

How would a technical student break the austerity of mundane education system and open up the doors to the creativities of their trapped minds?

There comes into the picture the “Coder’s Club” – A club by the coders and for the coders! Coder’s Club is an initiative by the students of FCRIT, aims at helping the coding enthusiasts learn in a free and supportive environment where everyone is a learner and a teacher. As the habitants of the blue planet we face innumerable challenges every day. Youths like you have got unimaginable potential and coding can be the gem of a utiliser. The Coder’s club vows to stand along with you and help you learn code and transform your revolutionary ideas into reality. Your ideas are more of a script and coding will go a long way turning them into a ‘Blockbuster”.

Our Goals

Let’s be a smart coder together

"Its a community built by Coders, for other fellow Coders"

An initiative taken by few Engineering students of FCRIT to develop coding habits in current and future generations. This website can help FCRIT students and other college students to interact with each other as well as develop as a programmer. We are here to help coders who are willing to learn more and master in what they know.

Platform to showcase talent

With rapid progress in technology as a programmer we can create unique and innovative solutions for the problems faced by people. Some of these ideas are very unique so we have introduced a panel to honor those ideas by showcasing their them on our website. We believe such ideas motivate others to develop their own unique ideas.

Organise Seminars, Workshops, assistance in Hackathon participation, preparation for placement and almost everything that matters in a coder’s life.

Workshops, Seminars and other Events help students to improve their non-technical skills like team-building, brain storming, confidence, project management techniques, and much more. Students can attend seminars which are conducted by professionals or they can share their experience and knowledge by delivering seminars or hosting events by themselves. If you are interested in conducting any kind of event/seminar/workshop feel free to drop us a message by clicking here.

Some Interesting Numbers

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Upcoming events

Code Swap

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Machine Learning seminar

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